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Join Director Will Watter and our fabulous coaching staff for TACKLE FOOTBALL. Football is played nationwide and finally in our own backyard. The Yorkville Eagles are affiliated with the NYCYFL (New York City Youth Football League). We are also playing with GOTHAM Youth Football League – Downtown Giants, Queens Falcons and Lower East Side Warriors.

Safety is our number one priority and all games are officiated by high school certified referees. The Eagles are divided into three divisions in NYCYFL and two divisions in GOTHAMYFL. GOTHAM Youth Football League's web site will be online soon.



Weight Limit*


Weight Limit*




6 - 7 - 8





Junior Pee Wee


9 & 10


Junior Pee Wee



Pee Wee


11 & 12





Tackle football is demanding and we expect 100% attendance and cooperation.

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YYAA Turkey Bowl 2011


Yorkville's Golden Eagle Award was awarded for the first time to a player in our tackle football program in 2009, our second season playing tackle football. This award was conceived by our Pee Wee Coach Anthony "Coco" Thompson.

Coach Coco felt strongly that an award should be given each year to a player that has the following qualities on and off the field. The winner of this prestigious award must be a good team member, he must show leadership to his teammates and to those on all Yorkville tackle teams. He is a player who comes to all practices and gives his all, he can stand in for the coaches when they are working on something else. Our Golden Eagle player is someone who always carries himself proudly yet humbly, someone that shows good sportsmanship to his teammates and his opponents. He is a person that the other boys look to for answers and he encourages every boy to be his best. He is proud of another players success and lets him know it.

Yorkville Youth Athletic Association is proud to present the Golden Eagle Award:   

Kenny Franzese 2011

During 2011 season Kenny Franzese exemplified what it meant to be a leader from day one. He stepped up to assist the coaching staff with the offensive line and was unanimously voted as a Captain. Not only was he a leader for his teammates, he was also well respected by his coaches. That is what being a Golden Eagle is about – leadership.

Christian Gonzalez-Bayer 2010

Christian played two years for the Yorkville Eagles. He is a team leader, plays on both sides of the ball and is a tremendous athlete. Christian was just accepted will be attending Poly Prep H.S. this Fall as a wonderful student athlete.

We are all proud of Christian for his skills as a football player, his leadership and his attention to his school work. Congratulations to Christian and his family for his Yorkville Golden Eagle Award. The most prestigious award Yorkville awards.

Bobby Franzese 2009

Congratulations Bobby, we are all very lucky to have you as a member of the Yorkville Eagles and everyone, yes especially your parents, is so very proud of you.  Update:  Bobby entered Dalton in Fall 2011 and continues to play baseball and tackle football.