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Tackle Football - Rules


  1. Games will be played on an 100 yard field.
  2. Games will be 4 quarters 15 minute running time per quarter.
  3. The clock stops during time outs, out of bounds, and touchdowns only.
  4. There will be an extra point attempt which will count as 2 points if successful.
  5. The 6-2 defense is the only defense permitted.
  6. No player can be in the A gaps or over the center.
  7. There will be no blitzing allowed.
  8. There will be no quarterback sneaks allowed.
  9. There will be no advancement of a fumble.
  10. Only one coach will be allowed in the huddle. A second coach may be on the line of scrimmage.
  11. Upon completion of 3rd down, if desired, the ball will be moved 20 yards assimilating a punt where the opposing team will take over on downs. The offense may elect to go for normal advancement of the ball which can lead to a first down.
  12. Penalties are 10 yards or less except "unsportsmanlike" which will be 15 yds.
  13. There will be no play-offs or championship game. There will be a day of bowl games, which all teams will participate in. All players on the roster will receive a league award following the games.
  14. There will be one or two referees per game.
  15. Once the offensive team goes to the line of scrimmage the coach is not allowed to speak to his players and must be 10 yards away from the team as well as the defensive team. A warning flag will be thrown and then a 15 yard penalty "unsportsmanlike conduct on that coach".
  16. Peanut Division Refs 1 or 2 Refs per game.
  17. There is a 45 second clock to call your play in the huddle.